Solo Album - Still Around

January 9, 2011

One magical evening, in the bitter depths of 2011's winter, my musician friends met me at 1021 Studios in Tullytown, Pennsylvania. We had not discussed much about what I had in mind, but when we began playing, the language became clear. It took just that night of playing to complete this work. Thank you Demetrios, Bobby, Mikey, Scott and Adam for giving so generously of your extraordinary talent and time to create this project: my first solo CD.

Through the years, my love for countless styles of music has influenced what I like to play and how I play. The pieces herein are some samplings. From the time I was young, my addiction has been the guitar. My heartfelt gratitude and respect goes to my two uncles: Leo Trovas for giving me his one and only guitar, his expansive jazz record collection and faithful support since I was 12 years old and to Zinon Possis for trying to get me started in something! After knowing there was no turning around from playing the guitar, he bought me a 1974 white Les Paul that I still play today. Efharisto Theos.

Most affectionately, I want to thank my five year old grandson, Spencer Anderson, for his lyrics and inspiration for "My Feet are Too Tired to Walk." He is very proud of his first song!

And I give my heartfelt gratitude to my loving wife, Sherry Lynn. She has been my advocate from the beginning of this project and from the very first day we met, always positive and caring.



Tom Trovas Guitar & Vocals
Demetrios Pappas Keyboards
Bobby Valino Keyboards
Mikey Jr. Harmonica & Vocals
Scott Churchman Acoustic Bass
Adam Stranburg Drums

A very special thank you to the following for their support and friendship:

Gary D. Saretzky Archivist & Photographer
Nicholas Koukotas Double Treble Guitar Straps
Brian Mazzarini Recorded at 1021 Studios
Tullytown, Pennsylvania
SL Baker Cover Design "New Pattern"
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